Commit ddbe9dc3 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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win32: tolerate extra error flags on Vista

This should not adversely affect LibVLC: more errors cases will lead to
error code returns instead of abnormal termination. It is not strictly
semantically correct though (update to Win7 or above if you care).
parent 81f37503
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@ static BOOL WINAPI SetThreadErrorModeFallback(DWORD mode, DWORD *oldmode)
if (GetErrorModeReal != NULL)
curmode = GetErrorModeReal();
# endif
/* Extra flags should be OK. Missing flags are NOT OK. */
if ((mode & curmode) != mode)
return FALSE;
if (oldmode != NULL)
*oldmode = curmode;
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