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- Updated INSTALL-win32.txt

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......@@ -11,12 +11,14 @@ to use the command line arguments. You can obtain a list of these command
line arguments by typing 'vlc --help'.
It is also sometimes useful to display vlc's debug console. You can do so
by running 'vlc -v'.
This feature is at the moment broken. To display vlc's debug messages,
open the menu 'view', select 'messages'.
To store a debug log of the current vlc session, you can use
'vlc -vvv --stdout=debug.txt'.
If you want to play a DVD, run vlc and click on the Disc option in the
interface. You then have to type your drive letter in the 'Device name'
box (eg. 'D:' if your dvdrom drive is assigned the letter 'D').
box including the final '\' (eg. 'D:\' if your dvdrom drive is assigned the letter 'D').
( !Warning: you have to be in administrator mode (for now) on Win2k )
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