Commit db04e869 authored by Jean-Paul Saman's avatar Jean-Paul Saman
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stream_filter/httplive.c: Relax estimated download duration check.

If downloading of a segment takes longer then its duration, then print
a warning instead of terminating playback.
parent 98227869
......@@ -1171,11 +1171,8 @@ static int Download(stream_t *s, hls_stream_t *hls, segment_t *segment, int *cur
int estimated = (int)(size / s->p_sys->bandwidth);
if (estimated > segment->duration)
msg_Err(s, "cannot quarantee smooth playback");
msg_Warn(s,"downloading of segment %d takes %ds, which is longer then its playback (%ds)",
segment->sequence, estimated, segment->duration);
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