Commit d72aba04 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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[Win32] Fix yet another packaging issue.

parent c0998a10
......@@ -886,10 +886,8 @@ endif
#strip exe and main dll
package-win-common-strip: package-win32-base-debug
$(STRIP) "vlc-$(VERSION)/vlc$(EXEEXT)"
$(STRIP) "vlc-$(VERSION)/libvlccore$(LIBEXT)"
$(STRIP) "vlc-$(VERSION)/libvlc$(LIBEXT)"
$(STRIP) "vlc-$(VERSION)/pthreadGC2$(LIBEXT)"
for i in "" vlc-$(VERSION)/*$(LIBEXT) ; \
do if test -n "$$i" ; then $(STRIP) "$$i" ; fi; done
$(STRIP) "vlc-$(VERSION)/mozilla/npvlc$(LIBEXT)"
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