Commit d54e11ed authored by gbazin's avatar gbazin
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* for wxWindows headers detection, we now check wx/wxprec.h.
   Also fixed a typo: libdvbpsi is enabled by default.
parent 3584f174
...@@ -947,7 +947,7 @@ dnl ...@@ -947,7 +947,7 @@ dnl
dnl libdvbpsi ts demux dnl libdvbpsi ts demux
dnl dnl
[ --enable-dvbpsi dvbpsi ts demux module (default disabled)]) [ --enable-dvbpsi dvbpsi ts demux module (default enabled)])
if test "x${enable_dvbpsi}" != "xno" if test "x${enable_dvbpsi}" != "xno"
then then
AC_ARG_WITH(dvbpsi, AC_ARG_WITH(dvbpsi,
...@@ -2079,10 +2079,10 @@ then ...@@ -2079,10 +2079,10 @@ then
fi fi
CXXFLAGS_wxwindows="${CXXFLAGS_wxwindows} `${WX_CONFIG} --cflags`" CXXFLAGS_wxwindows="${CXXFLAGS_wxwindows} `${WX_CONFIG} --cflags`"
LDFLAGS_wxwindows="${LDFLAGS_wxwindows} `${WX_CONFIG} --libs`" LDFLAGS_wxwindows="${LDFLAGS_wxwindows} `${WX_CONFIG} --libs`"
# now look for the wx.h header # now look for the wxprec.h header
CPPFLAGS="${save_CPPFLAGS} ${CXXFLAGS_wxwindows}" CPPFLAGS="${save_CPPFLAGS} ${CXXFLAGS_wxwindows}"
ac_cv_wx_headers=yes ac_cv_wx_headers=yes
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(wx/wx.h, , [ AC_CHECK_HEADERS(wx/wxprec.h, , [
ac_cv_wx_headers=no ac_cv_wx_headers=no
echo "Cannot find wxWindows development headers." echo "Cannot find wxWindows development headers."
]) ])
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