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Fix spelling and description.

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......@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ Laurent Mutricy <laurent.mutricy at ecl2005 dot ec-lyon dot fr> - HTTP interface
Leo Spalteholz <leo dot spalteholz at gmail dot com> - Qt interface design
Loox Thefuture <loox.thefuture at gmail dot com> - Media key in X11 vout
Lorena Gomes - Catalan translation
Lukas Durfine <lukas.durfina at> - qt4: teletext button fix and fix for fullscreen controller in non-embedded window
Lukas Durfina <lukas.durfina at> - qt4: full screen controller. teletext button fix.
Mahrazi Mohd Kamal <mahrazi at> - Malay Translation
Marc Nolette <nolette at> - PVR support in DirectShow input
Marco Munderloh <Marco.Munderloh at> - HTTP fix for Win32 to URL filenames
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