Commit d32fd7e1 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

pfff... Fortunes.

parent ce6d8236
......@@ -693,3 +693,30 @@ VLC is the greatest thing since sliced bread!
<Dnumgis> it's illegal to use fake id
-- #videolan
< thedj> i need a girlfriend. that would make it so much easier not to do VLC :D
< j-b> thedj: how old are you ?
< j-b> thedj: you can buy cheap in Russia... :D Ask thresh
< thedj> lol
< thedj> haha. i'm rereading my line and it gets funier :D
< thedj> not to DO vlc :D
< thedj> i'd DO my girlfriend instead ..
< j-b> if you get one, could you get one for Meuuh
< thedj> yes. i see about bulk discount for the vlc devs :D
-- #videolan, one night, late, 0.8.6-test2 is just out...
< j-b> my mother is desperate because she thinks I am gay, because I haven't presented my gfs...
< thedj> j-b: i know the feeling
< LordRPI> my mother gets upset if I tell her I'm at a bar without a girl
< thedj> haha
< thedj> LordRPI: she fears you will turn into a lonely drunk
< thedj> roaming the city at night looking for a place to stay :D
< tumu> lonely drunk is good
-- #videolan, same night, 4:38 am
Meuuh changed the topic of #videolan to: Welcome! | <funman> i don't remember last time i saw a woman
< funman> :o(
< Meuuh> to good to miss
< funman> Meuuh: i was lying i live with my mother
< Meuuh> a mother is not generally considered a woman
-- #videolan
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