Commit cc5aad0a authored by hartman's avatar hartman
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* first sps, then pps

parent 4598f227
......@@ -215,8 +215,8 @@ static int Open( vlc_object_t *p_this )
/* Set the new extradata */
p_dec->fmt_out.i_extra = p_sys->p_pps->i_buffer + p_sys->p_sps->i_buffer;
p_dec->fmt_out.p_extra = (uint8_t*)malloc( p_dec->fmt_out.i_extra );
memcpy( p_dec->fmt_out.p_extra, p_sys->p_pps->p_buffer, p_sys->p_pps->i_buffer);
memcpy( p_dec->fmt_out.p_extra+p_sys->p_pps->i_buffer, p_sys->p_sps->p_buffer, p_sys->p_sps->i_buffer);
memcpy( p_dec->fmt_out.p_extra, p_sys->p_sps->p_buffer, p_sys->p_sps->i_buffer);
memcpy( p_dec->fmt_out.p_extra+p_sys->p_sps->i_buffer, p_sys->p_pps->p_buffer, p_sys->p_pps->i_buffer);
/* Set callback */
p_dec->pf_packetize = PacketizeAVC1;
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