Commit cc15cdc7 authored by Jean-Paul Saman's avatar Jean-Paul Saman
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mozilla: use minimal_macosx as vout in webplugin, it leaks way less then macosx vout.

parent 1d07aed4
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ NPError VlcPlugin::init(int argc, char* const argn[], char* const argv[])
/* locate VLC module path */
#ifdef XP_MACOSX
ppsz_argv[ppsz_argc++] = "--plugin-path=/Library/Internet\\ Plug-Ins/VLC\\ Plugin.plugin/Contents/MacOS/modules";
ppsz_argv[ppsz_argc++] = "--vout=macosx";
ppsz_argv[ppsz_argc++] = "--vout=minimal_macosx";
#elif defined(XP_WIN)
HKEY h_key;
DWORD i_type, i_data = MAX_PATH + 1;
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