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Profile sample.

* Remove the l10n stuff, we'll handle it through po4a
* Add the ability to put several profiles in a file
* Split out the name of the elements
* Remove the prefix
Schema is not yet up-to-date.
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<profile-list xmlns="">
<name>Transcode / HTTP</name>
This profile transcodes and makes the stream available through HTTP
<meta network="true" internet="true" vod="false" />
<param id="bitrate" type="int" default="1000" min="50" max="2000">
<name>Video bitrate</name>
<description>Set the video bitrate, in kbit/s</description>
<param id="local" type="bool" default="true">
<name>Display locally</name>
Do you want to display the stream while streaming it ?
This will use more processing power.
<param id="codec" type="string" choices="true" default="mp4v">
<name>Video codec</name>
<description>Please choose the video codec to use
<choice value="mp4v">
<name>MPEG-4 Video</name>
<description>Video MPEG4</description>
<choice value="theo">
<transcode vcodec="$codec" vb="$bitrate"/>
<child> <!-- select="program:1242" -->
<standard mux="mp4" access="http" dst="$port" />
<child enabled="$local">
<display />
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