Commit be1b0440 authored by Pierre's avatar Pierre
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configure: Make sure 'compile' calls make with 'V=1'.

parent f3f1ab6d
......@@ -5245,7 +5245,7 @@ echo '#! /bin/sh' >compile
echo rm -f .error\$\$ >>compile
echo ERROR=0 >>compile
echo export PATH=$PATH LANG=C >>compile
echo "(make \$@ 2>&1 || touch .error\$\$)| \\" >>compile
echo "(make V=1 \$@ 2>&1 || touch .error\$\$)| \\" >>compile
echo '`sed -ne "s/^top_srcdir *= *//p" < Makefile`/extras/buildsystem/' >>compile
echo test -f .error\$\$ \&\& ERROR=1 >>compile
echo rm -f .error\$\$ >>compile
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