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......@@ -8,14 +8,16 @@ bug #09/11/2001-2: (FIXED december 2001)
and mad.h include file are installed. E.g. if libmad.a is in /usr/lib and mad.h is in /usr/include then the configure
option should be --with-libmad=/usr
bug #12/11/2001-1 (WORKING, by JP Saman)
bug #12/11/2001-1 (FIXED january 2002)
smoothen out audio in libmad_output callback function, by optimizing conversion routines. After investigation
and experimenting I found out that my input routine and output routine were not balanced correctly with
respect to buffer sizes. A lot of data got lost. I fixed that, but still need a bater scaling/smoothing routine
for the audio.
I tried a simpler audio scale function, but it did not improve the audio much. Not even on Intel machine, so I suspect the audio
decoding to need a bit too much time. The next thing to try is to steer the decoding process by hand (going to a lower level API).
This means a complete replace of mad_libmad.c and mad_libmad.h files.
Rewriting mad plugin to use a lower level API was not needed. I found the problem by reviewing libmad example code madlld and bbplay.
This resulted in a partial rewrite a some parts and a lot of testing. There are still some issues when trying on different CPU's
but this will sort itself gradually.
bug #20/11/2001-1 (FIXED 25/11/2001, by JP Saman)
synchronization between audio and video output is lost. In libmad_output a timestamp is set on the audio data, but
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