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* Bug report howto is a online document.

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Bug report HOWTO
- - - - - - - - - -
* General rules
- Be sure the problem you are reporting is not already known, or
maybe even already solved. Source of information include the BUGS
file, the mailing-list archives at
and your old friend Google.
- Be sure to be using a recent version. Bug reports against old
versions of vlc are likely to be ignored, because changes in the
program may make it impossible to reproduce the bug, or may even have
fixed it.
- Give as many details as possible about your problem! Better too
much than not enough.
- Don't forget to say which version of vlc you are using (0.2.91,
CVS snapshot from 21 Dec 2001, Debian packages 0.2.92-4). It is
important to tell us where you got the packages from (web site, CVS,
- Also, your platform is very important. vlc runs on a lot of
different operating systems, so you should at least provide your
operating system name and version (Windows 98, Debian Linux woody,
BeOS, ...) and your CPU (Pentium 3, Sparc, PowerPC, ...).
* Reporting a ./configure or make issue
- Give the full log showing the problem:
./configure <options> > logfile.txt 2>&1
make 2>&1 > logfile.txt 2>&1
- When dealing with a ./configure issue, please provide the generated
config.log file.
- Your compiler brand and version may be relevant here as well.
* Reporting a crash
- Try to reproduce the crash and to explain how you reproduced it.
- A gdb backtrace can be useful. For it to have any meaning, vlc
should have been compiled with debug symbols (add the --enable-debug
flag to ./configure)
* Where to send bug reports?
- Use the Bugzilla interface at If you
do not want to leave your email address, just use "guest" as both the
username and password. You will not be notified about the evolution of
your bug though.
- The vlc-devel mailing-list is also a good place to discuss issues
with all developers, but bug reports are better sent to Bugzilla.
Please visit
for details on how to properly report/diagnose a bug in VLC media player.
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