Commit b8190569 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Remove unused checks for <strings.h>

parent 9ce7c7d9
...@@ -663,17 +663,9 @@ if test "${SYS}" != "mingw32" -a "${SYS}" != "mingwce"; then ...@@ -663,17 +663,9 @@ if test "${SYS}" != "mingw32" -a "${SYS}" != "mingwce"; then
]) ])
fi # end "${SYS}" != "mingw32" -a "${SYS}" != "mingwce" fi # end "${SYS}" != "mingw32" -a "${SYS}" != "mingwce"
dnl Check for misc headers
AC_MSG_CHECKING(for strncasecmp in strings.h)
Define if <strings.h> defines strncasecmp.)],[
dnl Check for headers dnl Check for headers
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([search.h]) AC_CHECK_HEADERS([search.h])
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(getopt.h strings.h locale.h xlocale.h) AC_CHECK_HEADERS(getopt.h locale.h xlocale.h)
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(fcntl.h sys/time.h sys/ioctl.h sys/stat.h) AC_CHECK_HEADERS(fcntl.h sys/time.h sys/ioctl.h sys/stat.h)
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([arpa/inet.h netinet/udplite.h sys/eventfd.h]) AC_CHECK_HEADERS([arpa/inet.h netinet/udplite.h sys/eventfd.h])
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([net/if.h], [], [], AC_CHECK_HEADERS([net/if.h], [], [],
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