Commit b6968b7d authored by Kamil Rytarowski's avatar Kamil Rytarowski Committed by Rémi Denis-Courmont

Link libcompat with a library with math functions

We detect whether math functions are located in -lm in
Reuse the deliberable of this check and link libcompat with $(LIBM).
This is required at least for sincos() functions and it has been
reported as required on NetBSD 8.0.
Signed-off-by: Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatarRémi Denis-Courmont <>
parent 9bc487e8
libcompat_la_SOURCES = dummy.c
libcompat_la_LIBADD = $(LTLIBOBJS) $(LIBRT)
libcompat_la_LIBADD = $(LTLIBOBJS) $(LIBRT) $(LIBM)
libcompat_la_LDFLAGS = -no-undefined -static
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