Commit b2d90584 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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Don't use undefined variables - should make automake 1.6 happy

parent 3ad9cce8
......@@ -313,11 +313,7 @@ lib${mod}_a_CFLAGS = \`\$(VLC_CONFIG) --cflags builtin ${mod}\`
lib${mod}_a_CXXFLAGS = \`\$(VLC_CONFIG) --cxxflags builtin ${mod}\`
lib${mod}_a_OBJCFLAGS = \`\$(VLC_CONFIG) --objcflags builtin ${mod}\`
libvlc_LIBRARIES += \$(L${mod}b) \$(L${mod}pic)
lib${mod}_DATA = \$(D${mod}p)
lib${mod}dir = \$(libdir)/vlc/${topdir}
${PRIVATE}noinst_LIBRARIES += \$(L${mod}p)
${PRIVATE}lib${mod}_plugin\$(LIBEXT): \$(lib${mod}_plugin_a_OBJECTS)
${PRIVATE} @case \`\$(VLC_CONFIG) --linkage ${mod}\` in \\
${PRIVATE} c++) echo \$(CXXLINK) \$(lib${mod}_plugin_a_OBJECTS) \\\`\$(VLC_CONFIG) --libs plugin ${mod}\\\` ; \$(CXXLINK) \$(lib${mod}_plugin_a_OBJECTS) \`\$(VLC_CONFIG) --libs plugin ${mod}\` ;; \\
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