Commit b1bc1d3c authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

httpd: use assertion instead of leaking

parent 31315a5a
...@@ -998,7 +998,6 @@ error: ...@@ -998,7 +998,6 @@ error:
void httpd_HostDelete(httpd_host_t *host) void httpd_HostDelete(httpd_host_t *host)
{ {
httpd_client_t *client; httpd_client_t *client;
httpd_url_t *url;
vlc_mutex_lock(&httpd.mutex); vlc_mutex_lock(&httpd.mutex);
...@@ -1015,14 +1014,12 @@ void httpd_HostDelete(httpd_host_t *host) ...@@ -1015,14 +1014,12 @@ void httpd_HostDelete(httpd_host_t *host)
msg_Dbg(host, "HTTP host removed"); msg_Dbg(host, "HTTP host removed");
vlc_list_foreach(url, &host->urls, node)
msg_Err(host, "url still registered: %s", url->psz_url);
vlc_list_foreach(client, &host->clients, node) { vlc_list_foreach(client, &host->clients, node) {
msg_Warn(host, "client still connected"); msg_Warn(host, "client still connected");
httpd_ClientDestroy(client); httpd_ClientDestroy(client);
} }
vlc_tls_Delete(host->p_tls); vlc_tls_Delete(host->p_tls);
net_ListenClose(host->fds); net_ListenClose(host->fds);
vlc_cond_destroy(&host->wait); vlc_cond_destroy(&host->wait);
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