Commit acaa1128 authored by hartman's avatar hartman
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* lengh -> length

parent 391a70df
......@@ -1003,7 +1003,7 @@ static int MP4_ReadBox_avcC( stream_t *p_stream, MP4_Box_t *p_box )
#ifdef MP4_VERBOSE
msg_Dbg( p_stream,
"read box: \"avcC\" version=%d profile=0x%x level=0x%x lengh size=%d sps=%d pps=%d",
"read box: \"avcC\" version=%d profile=0x%x level=0x%x length size=%d sps=%d pps=%d",
p_avcC->i_version, p_avcC->i_profile, p_avcC->i_level,
p_avcC->i_sps, p_avcC->i_pps );
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