Commit a7494394 authored by Eric Petit's avatar Eric Petit
Browse files fixed BeOS package generation when all modules are built-in

parent 21c7ad61
......@@ -587,7 +587,10 @@ package-beos:
mv tmp/vlc-${VERSION} .
# Create package without debug symbols
strip tmp/vlc-${VERSION}/vlc tmp/vlc-${VERSION}/plugins/lib*
strip tmp/vlc-${VERSION}/vlc
if [ -d tmp/vlc-${VERSION}/plugins ]; then \
strip tmp/vlc-${VERSION}/plugins/lib*; \
xres -o tmp/vlc-${VERSION}/vlc share/vlc_beos.rsrc
mimeset -f tmp/vlc-${VERSION}/* tmp/vlc-${VERSION}/*/*
(cd tmp ; zip -9 -r vlc-${VERSION} vlc-${VERSION} )
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