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* Updated NEWS and ChangeLog.

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2003-02-17 Monday 07:00 sam
* ./src/misc/modules.c: hmpf, Wine does not complain about "/"s in paths,
but Windoze will certainly do.
2003-02-17 Monday 06:50 sam
* ./src/misc/win32_specific.c: under Win32 we retrieve the executable's
directory whenever possible, to use it for the spudec font or to load
2003-02-17 Monday 05:21 sam
* ./ fixed PLUGIN_PATH and DATA_PATH settings.
2003-02-17 Monday 01:04 asmax
* added a sample playlist. All fields must be separated with TABs
2003-02-17 Monday 00:57 asmax
* libvlc binding for python
* new VideoLAN RTSP Server, using libvlc.
Not yet fully rfc2326-compliant, but it works ;)
2003-02-17 Monday 00:32 hartman
* Added an info panel to show movie info, etc.
2003-02-16 Sunday 18:35 sam
* ./debian/changelog: updated for 0.5.1.
* ./debian/control: vlc-glide is now Architecture: i386 only.
* ./debian/control: vlc-plugin-mad Provides: mp3-decoder.
* ./debian/rules: the deprecated vlc-* packages have a proper link to
2003-02-16 Sunday 17:58 ipkiss
* added an entry for the "subtitles don"t work on windows" problem
2003-02-16 Sunday 17:22 jpsaman
Updated release numbering for all ipk's
2003-02-16 Sunday 17:21 jpsaman
Qte video output get is screen size from the QT Embedded environment now. This should produce fullscreen video on other QT Embedded configurations with other screen sizes (greater then 240x320).
2003-02-16 Sunday 15:51 fenrir
* udp: forgot this file...
2003-02-16 Sunday 15:10 fenrir
* all: split muxer and access into independant part.
2003-02-16 Sunday 15:03 fenrir
* Less checks on muxer type.
2003-02-16 Sunday 12:18 fenrir
* adpcm: added dk3 too.
2003-02-16 Sunday 11:25 sigmunau
Added support for volume up/down buttons.
2003-02-16 Sunday 10:50 fenrir
* adpcm: added DUCK 4 variant support. (thx M. Melanson who provided me
somes samples.)
2003-02-16 Sunday 09:56 fenrir
* all: fix mpeg2 handling.
2003-02-16 Sunday 02:38 titer
NEWS: updated BeOS info for 0.5.1
2003-02-16 Sunday 02:29 massiot
* modules/gui/macosx/open.m: Removed channel server support
* po/*: Updated po files just before the 0.5.1 release
* modules/audio_filter/resampler/linear.c: fixed an initialization bug
2003-02-15 Saturday 21:02 jpsaman
Update iPaq packaging description files for:
- GPE port
- Opie port
- Zaurus
Updated NEWS file with OPIE port.
2003-02-15 Saturday 14:50 massiot
* Bumped up revision number to 0.5.1
* Updated French translation
2003-02-15 Saturday 13:57 hartman
* if we are paused in fullscreen, show cursor.
2003-02-15 Saturday 05:43 ipkiss
- fixed a vicious bug
2003-02-15 Saturday 00:07 hartman
* Should fix an issue with multiple monitors and the hiding of the mousecursor
2003-02-14 Friday 19:22 sam
* ./src/libvlc.c: the --help output is now word-wrapped (Closes: #142).
* ./src/libvlc.c: removed unnecessary malloc() calls.
* ./src/libvlc.c: used {a,b,c} for lists; [a|b|c] is for optional args.
2003-02-14 Friday 18:00 ipkiss
* exchanged directx' and waveout's capabilities because the latter
seems to be more reliable
2003-02-14 Friday 14:48 jpsaman
Fixed deadlock upon unloading qte_main plugin.
Cleanup of debug messages.
2003-02-14 Friday 14:44 jpsaman
Tuning package dependencies.
2003-02-14 Friday 14:19 jpsaman
Updated opie control file for packaging.
2003-02-14 Friday 14:01 jpsaman
Small improvement.
2003-02-14 Friday 10:50 gbazin
* modules/audio_output/waveout.c: better buffer management and hopefully
fixed the S/PDIF output (Still untested though. Anybody here could test
this? ).
2003-02-13 Thursday 22:53 massiot
Updated NEWS file for 0.5.1. PLEASE do your share and add what you think is
2003-02-13 Thursday 18:31 sam
* ./ we should look for -lxvidcore, not -lxvid.
2003-02-13 Thursday 15:16 hartman
- when a new stream is being loaded we select the current title in the
- Cleaned up some of my previous commited code dealing with updating
the window title.
2003-02-13 Thursday 03:00 hartman
*ALL: update the title of the window everytime the stream changes.
2003-02-13 Thursday 02:14 hartman
* fixed a small bug
2003-02-13 Thursday 01:09 hartman
* src/playlist/playlist.c:
- added an intf-change variable. This is set whenever you add or delete
an item in the playlist. You need to unset it yourself.
* modules/gui/macosx/intf.?:
- listen for external playlist changes. update view when playlist changes.
- activate/deactivate previous and next buttons and menuitems,
whenever the playlist gets changed.
2003-02-13 Thursday 00:26 jpsaman
Scripts for building and packaging vlc on Zaurus PDA.
2003-02-13 Thursday 00:26 jpsaman
Updated control files and buildscript for v0.5.1
2003-02-13 Thursday 00:13 jpsaman
The Qt Embedded video output plugin is now the preferred plugin when build for Opie or Qte environments.
2003-02-13 Thursday 00:09 jpsaman
Fixed Qt Embedded video output placing of video stream in window. Also fixed additional spacing between video lines.
2003-02-13 Thursday 00:08 massiot
* Italien translation, courtesy of Bruno <>.
2003-02-12 Wednesday 18:13 jobi
* modules/access/vcd/vcd.*: fixed a warning
2003-02-12 Wednesday 17:58 jobi
* modules/access/vcd/vcd.c: in entry points, track number should be read
as BCD (it should fix #244). Also fixed chapter indexing, so that it
correspond to the dvd one.
2003-02-12 Wednesday 15:22 hartman
* modules/gui/macosx/controls.m:
- fixed the mute and volumeup volumedown when you use them mixed.
* src/audio_output/intf.c:
- set "saved-volume" on volume up, volume down.
2003-02-12 Wednesday 14:42 massiot
Patch courtesy of gibalou :
* demux/mpeg/ts.c, demux/mpeg/system.c: Proper initialization of
* access/udp.c: Fixed win32 behavior when --mtu is set to a too small value,
* demux/mpeg/ts.c: Fixed detection of PAT/PMT change.
2003-02-12 Wednesday 03:11 ipkiss
* compilation fix
* all files are stored in dos mode, or Borland won't compile some of
2003-02-11 Tuesday 19:05 massiot
* 0.5.1 German translation, courtesy of Felix Kühne <>.
2003-02-11 Tuesday 18:20 babal
- Dolby Surround fix
- support for 6.1, 7.1, and possibly even 8.1 ! Not so sure though about
6.1 since there is a doubt about where should be the Rear Center
coefficient in a decoded sample.
-> if anybody has an idea or even better a test stream...
2003-02-11 Tuesday 17:19 hartman
* updated dutch strings
2003-02-11 Tuesday 16:35 hartman
ALL: - changed into
modules/gui/macosx/vout.m: fixed a potential issue with the hiding of the
2003-02-11 Tuesday 16:24 hartman
* Updated ReadMe file
- some spelling issues
- remark about the current troubles with sound
- readded deinterlace remark
- Added info on multiple screens and sound devices
- updated the bugreporting URL
- Changed all occurences of vlc into VLC where appropriate
2003-02-11 Tuesday 12:16 massiot
* modules/codec/lpcm.c: Attempt at supporting all channel configurations,
* Support for 7 and 7.1 channel configurations.
2003-02-11 Tuesday 00:50 massiot
* modules/video_output/sdl.c: Real fix for the aout_Volume* problem.
2003-02-11 Tuesday 00:16 marcari
* sdl.c : added includes (vlc/aout.h & aout_internal.h)
=> to make volumeup/down compile
2003-02-11 Tuesday 00:04 hartman
* the window of the video shows the official document icon, filename and
when command-clicked the path if the stream is a local file.
this is the expected window behaviour in osx.
2003-02-10 Monday 23:22 massiot
* I ran --update-po for the last time before the 0.5.1 release (and I
mean it !)
2003-02-10 Monday 23:18 hartman
* The dock should no longer be visible in fullscreen mode.
2003-02-10 Monday 22:56 sam
* ./debian/rules: added code to avoid timestamp skews in the faad tree.
2003-02-10 Monday 22:54 hartman
* only show last part of of file/url name in the playlist.
2003-02-10 Monday 22:46 sam
* ./debian/rules: added missing icon in the vlc and wxvlc packages.
2003-02-10 Monday 22:28 hartman
* fixed the black bar issue with window half/normal/double window sizes in
OSX. i had forgotten the aspectratio.
2003-02-10 Monday 22:11 sam
* ./debian/rules: removed Debian kludges that do not really belong to the
official VLC tree.
2003-02-10 Monday 21:57 sam
* ./debian/control: added the "VideoLAN" word in the long description so
that "apt-cache search videolan" returns vlc.
2003-02-10 Monday 21:11 sam
* ./src/misc/ when opening the KDE plugin, we first
dlopen(libstdc++) to avoid dlopen(kde_plugin) from crashing. Call me evil.
2003-02-10 Monday 19:12 sam
* ./ disabled the i420_yuy2_mmx plugin when profiling with
gprof, because gcc is unable to build it without -fomit-frame-pointer
(Closes: #260).
2003-02-10 Monday 18:43 massiot
* modules/audio_output/alsa.c: Fixed mono files output (thanks bozo !),
* Minor fixes.
2003-02-10 Monday 17:53 sam
* ./src/misc/threads.c: fixed compilation of the gprof wrapper trick.
(partially fixes #260)
2003-02-10 Monday 16:23 titer
Move the messages update function to another thread. It prevents it from
freezing the main window (cannot seek anymore, etc).
2003-02-10 Monday 01:41 hartman
* another proof that the copy command in IE for Mac sucks. stupid stray chars.
2003-02-10 Monday 01:16 massiot
* Enabled the gestures module by default,
* Run --update-po.
2003-02-10 Monday 01:16 hartman
* restored old deinterlace menu. The on the fly code does not work as long
as the vout.m issue exists. but this is better then the current 'dummy'
code we have.
2003-02-10 Monday 00:42 sigmunau
*: a new mouse gestures interface, currently supporting back, forward, quit
fullscreen and a nice debug message when you draw a clockwise square. Video
output modules needs to be modified for this to work, but it should be minor
in modules supporting dvd navigation.
btw: it should be easy to add new gestures, ideas appreciated
2003-02-09 Sunday 20:28 massiot
* Minor typographic corrections,
* Fixed a segfault in the Preferences window.
2003-02-09 Sunday 18:10 stippi
- added settings for screenshot path and image format
- removed "Save" button, added "Cancel" and "Revert" buttons
- added revert functionality
- changed class design for cleaner functionality,
separated ApplyChanges() into more functions
to have finer control
- added more error checking and fixed memory leaks
(config_GetPsz() returns char*, not const char*!)
- all settings are now correctly saved and restored
- some more cosmetic changes
- updated vlc way of saving settings to be on par with BeOS way
and made it selectable in the code which way is used.
However, the VideoSettings are still only savable in
the BeOS way.
- if dvd menus are used, the navigation menu enables a
"Goto Menu" item. Unfortunately, I don't see a clean
way to really detect the usage of dvd/dvdold in the
currently playing stream. I wouldn't want to see
if a playlist item has "dvd:" or "dvdold:" prepended
at each interface update.
2003-02-09 Sunday 14:25 fenrir
* sub.c : begun clean up
2003-02-09 Sunday 13:23 sam
* ./ fiddled with linking flags for the KDE plugin.
2003-02-09 Sunday 13:21 sam
* ./debian/control: made lintian happier with package descriptions.
* ./debian/rules: added extra touch calls to prevent autobuilders from
launching autoconf/automake.
2003-02-09 Sunday 13:19 sam
* ./modules/video_filter/transform.c: fixed a stupid typo preventing
initialization of the plugin.
2003-02-09 Sunday 13:18 sam
* ./modules/gui/kde/preferences.cpp: fixed KDE 3.1 compilation.
2003-02-09 Sunday 12:51 titer
Simplified volume functions
2003-02-09 Sunday 03:01 ipkiss
* modules/gui/win32/mainframe.cpp: simplifications using the new
aout_Volume* API
2003-02-09 Sunday 02:56 massiot
Fixed GTK compilation.
2003-02-09 Sunday 02:50 massiot
* Added Step forward/Step backward feature.
2003-02-09 Sunday 02:13 massiot
* aout_Volume* functions now do their own vlc_object_find() on the
audio output. Consequently, the first argument can be any vlc_object_t.
* modules/gui/macosx/*: greatly simplified volume functions ; you can now
call aout_Volume* even when there is no audio output, and the volume
will be saved for later use.
2003-02-08 Saturday 23:43 massiot
Fixed previous commit.
2003-02-08 Saturday 23:20 massiot
* src/extras/libc.c: New vlc_wraptext function,
* modules/gui/macosx/prefs.m: Wrap tool tips to 60 characters,
* src/input/input.c: Correctly parse MRL of the type
/Volumes/toto:titi/coincoin.mpg (closes #238 & #186)
* modules/access/*: Changed some msg_Warn into msg_Err
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation,
* Re-enabled Swedish translation,
* Do not recompile everything everytime someone changes a .h
2003-02-08 Saturday 22:43 hartman
* window half/normal/double Size commands
- black bar issue is not fixed. i removed 'myfix'
2003-02-08 Saturday 21:32 massiot
* modules/codec/mpeg_video/parser.c: Do not stop decoding on SEQUENCE_END_CODE
* modules/gui/macosx/intf.m: VLC _m_edia _p_layer.
2003-02-08 Saturday 20:14 asmax
* fixed the encoding
(Meuuh you can re-enable swedish ;)
2003-02-08 Saturday 20:10 massiot
* Fixed misc typos in strings,
* Updated po files,
* New --buggy-psi options, to supports streams which don't update the
continuity counter in their PSI packets (walkenizes #sam).
2003-02-08 Saturday 18:26 massiot
* Disabled Swedish translation since it doesn't use the
right charset,
* Implemented localization for audio-channels and video-device variables.
2003-02-08 Saturday 00:36 marcari
glibc 2.1 port for linupy (linux on a yopy pda)
* modules/access/*.c : added include <sys/time.h> for struct timeval
* ipv6.c : ipv6 is not fully supported under glibc2.1 (especially multicast)
VLC rulz on Yopy !
2003-02-07 Friday 22:30 hartman
* Resize window fixes
- we should not resize the window in fullscreen
- fixed the black bars bug in half and double size
- position of top left corner should not change
- more efficient code
2003-02-07 Friday 21:49 alexis
- FAQ : the first question of the "troubleshooting" section now tells the
user to delete VLC's configuration file.
2003-02-07 Friday 21:23 hartman
* added half, normal and full size videowindow menuitems.
there seems to be a bug though somewhere. you end up with black bars in
half and double size.
2003-02-07 Friday 19:43 ipkiss
* Fixed the "RichEdit line insertion error" bug (closes #246)
* Added a popup menu to copy log messages to the clipboard
2003-02-07 Friday 17:51 massiot
Fixed a buffer leak with slice-I streams (thanks sam).
2003-02-07 Friday 10:17 yves
- added missing buildrequires
- now autodetect on wich system we are:
rpm --rebuild should work out of box on rh and previous mdk systems.
- NO buildrequires on rh-like system. rh does not have a devel policy
- more redhat stuff: NO menu (i do not know their "propriatory" menu system yet)
2003-02-07 Friday 02:32 hartman
* grrr changed the project file by accident. revert
2003-02-07 Friday 02:31 hartman
* When you push backspace or delete in the playlist, it removes the selected item.
2003-02-07 Friday 02:22 fenrir
* ffmpeg/audio : removed an old error (anyway it was harmless).
* mp4 : removed a bad initialisation. Erased all ending spaces.
* mpeg/audio : send i_rate to decoder (not yet usefull but ...)
2003-02-07 Friday 02:09 sam
* ./src/interface/interface.c: interface variable is "intf", not "interface".
2003-02-07 Friday 01:29 sam
* ./include/interface.h: grmbl, I forgot VLC_EXPORT did not support multiline
declarations. Should fix that later.
2003-02-07 Friday 01:26 sam
* ./modules/access/dvdplay/demux.c: fixed a minor warning.
2003-02-07 Friday 00:59 sam
* ./modules/access/dvdplay/demux.c: the dvdplay plugin no longer sets the
"interface" variable to "dvdplay" (Closes: #178, #210, and probably a
bunch of others).
* ./src/interface/interface.c: added a safety check to circumvent the bug,
allowing a smooth upgrade.
2003-02-07 Friday 00:55 massiot
Fixed interface freezes in the OS X interface.
2003-02-07 Friday 00:01 sam
* ./src/misc/darwin_specific.m: completed our list of known languages and
made code simpler to read.
2003-02-06 Thursday 22:56 sam
* ./debian/rules: build the SLP plugin by default.
2003-02-06 Thursday 22:39 titer
Tuned BeOS priorities for a better playback on low-end computers.
2003-02-06 Thursday 16:14 massiot
Fixed AFMT_AC3 and AFMT_S16_NE handling.
2003-02-06 Thursday 14:47 hartman
* Changed a failed DecompressSequenceFrameS error into a warning. We don't
want to bug users with this when we resize a video.
2003-02-06 Thursday 04:22 sam
* ./modules/misc/screensaver.c: screen saver disabling plugin; runs a thread
in the background to disable xscreensaver the jwz way (Closes: #58).
It's an interface plugin, trigger with "--extraintf screensaver".
2003-02-06 Thursday 03:37 sam
* ./ libmad and liba52 need to be explicitely disabled,
otherwise we fail with an error when they are not found.
2003-02-06 Thursday 01:45 sam
* ./doc/faq/faq.sgml: updated config file location for OS X.
2003-02-05 Wednesday 23:48 hartman
* Changed the wrong property in my recent commit. FIXED
2003-02-05 Wednesday 23:11 sam
* ./modules/gui/gtk/gtk_callbacks.c: fixed a bug that caused crashes when
doing fullscreen or volume up from the popup menu.
2003-02-05 Wednesday 17:23 hartman
* added a "Open CrashLog" button to the messages window in OSX.
2003-02-05 Wednesday 15:58 hartman
* Added AppleScript support
* We can now handle mms:// etc on a systemwide level.
- No way to set this other then trough Explorer Prefs at the moment
2003-02-05 Wednesday 03:31 hartman
* More support for handling URLs. Still need to create the scriptsuite.
2003-02-05 Wednesday 02:36 hartman
* Added a Next and Previous item to the dockmenu
* Prelimanary support for making VLC the handler of ftp http mms and udp
URLs (on a systemwide level)
2003-02-04 Tuesday 22:01 jpsaman
Closes bug #170
2003-02-04 Tuesday 21:45 hartman
* We released an array that was in a autorelease pool. That's not necesarry
2003-02-04 Tuesday 12:51 massiot
* modules/codec/mpeg_video/*: Support for Slice-I (aka intra slice refresh)
2003-02-04 Tuesday 12:07 massiot
* modules/demux/mpeg/*: Fixed an uninitialized variable with TS streams
(thanks gibalou !).
2003-02-04 Tuesday 11:07 massiot
* modules/access/*: Fixed compilation problems with "struct timeval".
2003-02-03 Monday 22:47 sam
* ./bootstrap: we don't fail if gettext is too old and there is no
ABOUT-NLS in the tree.
2003-02-03 Monday 22:38 massiot
Now developing 0.5.1-cvs.