Commit 914635d9 authored by hartman's avatar hartman
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* Remove 10.3 only properties of the volumeSlider

parent 0f24d6d5
......@@ -296,11 +296,9 @@ void _drawFrameInRect(NSRect frameRect)
[newCell setMinValue:[oldCell minValue]];
[newCell setDoubleValue:[oldCell doubleValue]];
[newCell setNumberOfTickMarks:[oldCell numberOfTickMarks]];
[newCell setSliderType:[oldCell sliderType]];
[newCell setEditable:[oldCell isEditable]];
[newCell setEnabled:[oldCell isEnabled]];
[newCell setEntryType:[oldCell entryType]];
[newCell setFocusRingType:[oldCell focusRingType]];
[newCell setHighlighted:[oldCell isHighlighted]];
[newCell setTickMarkPosition:[oldCell tickMarkPosition]];
[self setCell:newCell];
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