Commit 8f17ce9c authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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NEWS: imem is an access and an access_demux

parent 686d3594
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Important changes for packagers:
* Support for the sftp protocol
* Support for CDDB servers for Audio-CD on the Windows port
* New memory input (imem) module to feed VLC from data in memory
* New memory input (imem) access and access_demux module to feed VLC from data in memory
* New avio module to use libavformat capabilities for network streams, like rtmp://
* Port of the screen module from Xlib to XCB
* Port of the dc1394 module from libdc1394 to libdc1394 v2.0
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