Commit 8a9dcc7e authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne
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contribs: fixed theora compilation

parent 8eb175ad
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
DEBUG="-g -Wall -Wno-parentheses -DDEBUG -D__NO_MATH_INLINES"
- CFLAGS="-Wall -Wno-parentheses -O3 -fforce-addr -fomit-frame-pointer -finline-functions -funroll-loops"
+ EXTRAS_CFLAGS="-Wall -Wno-parentheses -O3 -fforce-addr -fomit-frame-pointer -finline-functions -funroll-loops -read_only_relocs suppress"
+ EXTRAS_CFLAGS="-Wall -Wno-parentheses -O3 -fforce-addr -fomit-frame-pointer -finline-functions -funroll-loops -read_only_relocs suppress -fno-pic"
PROFILE="-Wall -Wno-parentheses -pg -g -O3 -fno-inline-functions -DDEBUG";;
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