Commit 85ca5599 authored by Antoine Cellerier's avatar Antoine Cellerier

Fix bash syntax in rrd doc.

parent 4063d631
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ touch rrd
rrdtool create vlc.rrd --step 1 "DS:in:GAUGE:10:0:30000" "DS:demux:GAUGE:10:0:30000" "DS:out:GAUGE:10:0:30000" "RRA:AVERAGE:0,5:1:86400"
# Start "listening" the RRD file
tail -f rrd |while read in;do;echo $in;rrdtool update vlc.rrd `echo $in`;done
tail -f rrd |while read in;do echo $in;rrdtool update vlc.rrd `echo $in`;done
# Start vlc
vlc normal_vlc_stuff --extraintf logger --rrd-file rrd
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