Commit 811bd4f7 authored by Christophe Mutricy's avatar Christophe Mutricy
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clean the musicbrainz stuffs

parent 1e01594c
...@@ -1573,17 +1573,15 @@ dnl ...@@ -1573,17 +1573,15 @@ dnl
dnl Musicbrainz plugin dnl Musicbrainz plugin
dnl dnl
AC_ARG_ENABLE(musicbrainz, AC_ARG_ENABLE(musicbrainz,
[ --enable-musicbrainz MusicBrainz support (default disabled) ], [ --enable-musicbrainz MusicBrainz support (default disabled) ])
[if test "${enable_musicbrainz}" = "yes"; then AS_IF([test "${enable_musicbrainz}" = "yes"],[
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(MusicBrainz, libmusicbrainz, PKG_CHECK_MODULES(MUSICBRAINZ, libmusicbrainz,
[ VLC_ADD_PLUGINS([musicbrainz]) [ VLC_ADD_PLUGINS([musicbrainz])
enablemusicbrainz=true VLC_ADD_LDFLAGS([musicbrainz],[$MUSICBRAINZ_LIBS])
VLC_ADD_LDFLAGS([musicbrainz],[-lmusicbrainz]) ], VLC_ADD_CFLAGS([musicbrainz],[$MUSICBRAINZ_CFLAGS]) ],
[AC_MSG_WARN(MusicBrainz library not found)]) [AC_MSG_WARN(MusicBrainz library not found)])
fi]) ])
AM_CONDITIONAL(ENABLE_MUSICBRAINZ, test "$enableqt4" = "true")
dnl dnl
dnl Input plugins dnl Input plugins
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