Commit 7e95f9a7 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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ALSA: require alsa-lib on Linux by default if PulseAudio is missing

This ensures that at least either ALSA or PulseAudio will be compiled
by default (on Linux).
parent 5d562483
......@@ -3498,14 +3498,19 @@ dnl
dnl ALSA module
[ --enable-alsa Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (default auto)])
[support the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (default auto)])],, [
AS_IF([test "$SYS" = "linux" -a "${have_pulse}" = "no"], [
AS_IF([test "${enable_alsa}" != "no"], [
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([ALSA], [alsa >= 1.0.16], [
], [
AS_IF([test "x${enable_alsa}" != "x"], [
AC_MSG_ERROR([alsa-lib version 1.0.16 or later not found])
AC_MSG_ERROR([$ALSA_PKG_ERRORS. alsa-lib 1.0.16 or later required.])
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