Commit 7798c907 authored by David Fuhrmann's avatar David Fuhrmann

macosx: Do not lazy-load audio and video effect controllers anymore

Those need to be loaded at startup now, to make sure stored
profiles are correctly applied, even before the panels are opened.

Previously (VLC 2.2.x), a saved profile was mirrored into the
respective VLC config options, thus it was not needed before.
this is not done anymore.

refs #19260
parent 7bf09f9b
......@@ -238,6 +238,10 @@ static VLCMain *sharedInstance = nil;
var_AddCallback(p_intf->obj.libvlc, "intf-toggle-fscontrol", ShowController, (__bridge void *)self);
var_AddCallback(p_intf->obj.libvlc, "intf-show", ShowController, (__bridge void *)self);
// Load them here already to apply stored profiles
_videoEffectsPanel = [[VLCVideoEffectsWindowController alloc] init];
_audioEffectsPanel = [[VLCAudioEffectsWindowController alloc] init];
playlist_t *p_playlist = pl_Get(p_intf);
if ([NSApp currentSystemPresentationOptions] & NSApplicationPresentationFullScreen)
var_SetBool(p_playlist, "fullscreen", YES);
......@@ -509,17 +513,11 @@ static VLCMain *sharedInstance = nil;
- (VLCAudioEffectsWindowController *)audioEffectsPanel
if (!_audioEffectsPanel)
_audioEffectsPanel = [[VLCAudioEffectsWindowController alloc] init];
return _audioEffectsPanel;
- (VLCVideoEffectsWindowController *)videoEffectsPanel
if (!_videoEffectsPanel)
_videoEffectsPanel = [[VLCVideoEffectsWindowController alloc] init];
return _videoEffectsPanel;
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