Commit 7308685e authored by JP Dinger's avatar JP Dinger
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Replace the last of the HAVE_EVENTFDs with HAVE_SYS_EVENTFD_H.

(cherry picked from commit b3d9ea87aa40d43f081b8fcecd7d0126e6865196)
parent 7a445b0e
......@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ int vlc_object_waitpipe( vlc_object_t *obj )
/* This can only ever happen if someone killed us without locking: */
assert (internals->pipes[1] == -1);
#if defined (HAVE_SYS_EVENTFD_H)
internals->pipes[0] = internals->pipes[1] = eventfd (0, 0);
if (internals->pipes[0] == -1)
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