Commit 6fa7e326 authored by ipkiss's avatar ipkiss
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* skins2/parser/skin_parser.cpp: Fixed my last commit.

   I didn't remove all the code handling the removed attribute (Playlist.var),
   because it can still be useful if we decide to have other List controls.
parent 69c1d011
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ void SkinParser::handleBeginElement( const string &rName, AttrList_t &attr )
m_xOffset, atoi( attr["y"] ) + m_yOffset, attr["visible"],
atoi( attr["width"]), atoi( attr["height"] ),
attr["lefttop"], attr["rightbottom"],
attr["font"], attr["var"], convertColor( attr["fgcolor"] ),
attr["font"], "playlist", convertColor( attr["fgcolor"] ),
convertColor( attr["playcolor"] ),
convertColor( attr["bgcolor1"] ),
convertColor( attr["bgcolor2"] ),
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