Commit 6f58cd15 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

prefetch: remove read size, always request maximum

Well behaving streams only wait for some data to be available
(e.g. FTP, HTTP, raw TCP).
Poory behaving streams wait for the whole requested amount
(e.g. regular file - though it does not use prefetch anyway).
Badly behaving streams wait for the whole requested amount and do not
perform any pipelining/buffering (e.g. CIFS, probably SFTP).

In the best case, this change reduces the number of calls, thus
slightly improving performance.

In the worst case, it reduces the number of round-trips necessary,
thus restoring support for playback at bandwidth-latency product.
However it increases latency in the low bandwidth case, but there is
a simple work-around: capping the read size to a suitably small value.

Another work-around which works both ways is to provide pf_block rather
than pf_read. But it incurs an extra memory copy.
parent 914983b3
......@@ -59,7 +59,6 @@ struct stream_sys_t
size_t buffer_length;
size_t buffer_size;
char *buffer;
size_t read_size;
size_t seek_threshold;
......@@ -215,21 +214,11 @@ static void *Thread(void *data)
/* Discard some historical data to make room. */
len = history;
if (len > sys->read_size)
len = sys->read_size;
assert(len <= sys->buffer_length);
sys->buffer_offset += len;
sys->buffer_length -= len;
{ /* Some streams cannot return a short data count and just wait for
* all requested data to become available (e.g. regular files). So
* we have to limit the data read in a single operation to avoid
* blocking for too long. */
if (len > sys->read_size)
len = sys->read_size;
size_t offset = (sys->buffer_offset + sys->buffer_length)
% sys->buffer_size;
......@@ -440,7 +429,6 @@ static int Open(vlc_object_t *obj)
sys->stream_offset = 0;
sys->buffer_length = 0;
sys->buffer_size = var_InheritInteger(obj, "prefetch-buffer-size") << 10u;
sys->read_size = var_InheritInteger(obj, "prefetch-read-size");
sys->seek_threshold = var_InheritInteger(obj, "prefetch-seek-threshold");
uint64_t size = stream_Size(stream->s);
......@@ -448,11 +436,7 @@ static int Open(vlc_object_t *obj)
{ /* No point allocating a buffer larger than the source stream */
if (sys->buffer_size > size)
sys->buffer_size = size;
if (sys->read_size > size)
sys->read_size = size;
if (sys->buffer_size < sys->read_size)
sys->buffer_size = sys->read_size;
sys->buffer = malloc(sys->buffer_size);
if (sys->buffer == NULL)
......@@ -477,8 +461,7 @@ static int Open(vlc_object_t *obj)
goto error;
msg_Dbg(stream, "using %zu bytes buffer, %zu bytes read",
sys->buffer_size, sys->read_size);
msg_Dbg(stream, "using %zu bytes buffer", sys->buffer_size);
stream->pf_read = Read;
stream->pf_control = Control;
......@@ -523,9 +506,7 @@ vlc_module_begin()
add_integer("prefetch-buffer-size", 1 << 14, N_("Buffer size"),
N_("Prefetch buffer size (KiB)"), false)
change_integer_range(4, 1 << 20)
add_integer("prefetch-read-size", 1 << 14, N_("Read size"),
N_("Prefetch background read size (bytes)"), true)
change_integer_range(1, 1 << 29)
add_obsolete_integer("prefetch-read-size") /* since 4.0.0 */
add_integer("prefetch-seek-threshold", 1 << 14, N_("Seek threshold"),
N_("Prefetch forward seek threshold (bytes)"), true)
change_integer_range(0, UINT64_C(1) << 60)
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