Commit 6a20b996 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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configure: check that live555 has our patches applied

parent 32653c83
......@@ -1769,7 +1769,34 @@ You can get an updated one from .])
AS_IF([test -n "${enable_live555}"], [
AC_MSG_ERROR([Update live555 or pass --disable-live555 to disable RTSP input support.])
], [
dnl Check that live555 is patched correctly.
AC_CACHE_CHECK([for live555 usability], [ac_cv_live555_usable], [
[#include <locale.h>
#ifdef __APPLE__
# include <xlocale.h>
#undef LC_ALL
#define LC_ALL BOOM
#ifdef LC_ALL_MASK
#include <Locale.hh>
#include <GroupsockHelper.hh>]], [
[struct in_addr addr;
our_inet_ntoa(addr, NULL);]])
], [
], [
AS_IF([test "$ac_cv_live555_usable" = "no"], [
AC_MSG_ERROR([liveMedia lacks patches and is not usable.
Please apply our patches from the VLC contrib (contrib/src/live555/).
You can also disable RTSP input with --disable-live555. You were warned.])
other_libs="-lgroupsock -lBasicUsageEnvironment -lUsageEnvironment"
other_libs_pic="-lgroupsock_pic -lBasicUsageEnvironment_pic -lUsageEnvironment_pic"
AS_IF([test "${SYS}" = "mingw32"], [
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