Commit 69dcbfc3 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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Remove debug

parent c8000413
......@@ -445,19 +445,16 @@ static void *Thread( void *obj )
if (p_mi != NULL)
msg_Err(p_intf, "locking");
QMutexLocker locker (&iface.lock);
p_intf->p_sys->p_mi = NULL;
/* We need to warn to detach from any vout before
* deleting miP (WindowClose will not be called after it) */
msg_Err(p_intf, "releasing");
p_mi->releaseVideo( NULL );
/* Destroy first the main interface because it is connected to some
slots in the MainInputManager */
/* Destroy under the iface lock to sync vout QPointer */
msg_Err(p_intf, "destroying");
delete p_mi;
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