Commit 68eb2ac4 authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré
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Makes configure list enabled modules

parent ad3d2840
......@@ -6115,11 +6115,8 @@ AC_OUTPUT
${SHELL} ./config.status --file=vlc-config
chmod 0755 vlc-config
dnl echo "Enabled builtin modules :"
dnl for a in `./vlc-config --target builtin` ; do echo $a; done | sed -e 's,modules\/\(.*\)\/lib\(.*\)\.a,\2 (\1),'
dnl echo "Enabled plugin modules :"
dnl for a in `./vlc-config --target plugin` ; do echo $a; done | sed -e 's,modules\/\(.*\)\/lib\(.*\)_plugin,\2 (\1),'
/bin/echo -n "Enabled modules :"
./vlc-config --list plugin
dnl Shortcut to nice compile message
rm -f compile
......@@ -6154,8 +6151,6 @@ echo "build vlc executable : no"
echo "plugins/bindings :${PLUGINS_BINDINGS}
You can check which modules have been enabled
with \`./vlc-config --list plugin'.
You can tune the compiler flags in vlc-config.
To build vlc and its plugins, type \`./compile' or \`make'.
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