Commit 63202e8e authored by Clément Stenac's avatar Clément Stenac

Enable the playlist import/export modules

parent c4bf5901
dnl Autoconf settings for vlc
dnl $Id:,v 1.180 2004/02/10 20:30:09 jpsaman Exp $
dnl $Id:,v 1.181 2004/02/11 08:50:04 zorglub Exp $
......@@ -883,7 +883,7 @@ AX_ADD_PLUGINS([trivial_mixer spdif_mixer float32_mixer])
AX_ADD_PLUGINS([i420_rgb i420_yuy2 i422_yuy2 i420_ymga])
AX_ADD_PLUGINS([id3 m3u])
AX_ADD_PLUGINS([id3 m3u playlist export])
AX_ADD_PLUGINS([wav araw demuxdump demuxsub adpcm a52sys dtssys au])
AX_ADD_PLUGINS([access_file access_udp access_tcp access_http ipv4 access_mms])
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