Commit 60fb88bd authored by Olivier Aubert's avatar Olivier Aubert
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python-ctypes: raise a LibVLCException in case of error

parent ce7e4589
......@@ -70,8 +70,15 @@ class ListPOINTER(object):
if isinstance(param, (list,tuple)):
return (self.etype * len(param))(*param)
class LibVLCException(Exception):
"""Python exception raised by libvlc methods.
# From libvlc_structures.h
class VLCException(ctypes.Structure):
"""libvlc exception.
_fields_= [
('raised', ctypes.c_int),
('code', ctypes.c_int),
......@@ -163,10 +170,10 @@ def check_vlc_exception(result, func, args):
"""Error checking method for functions using an exception in/out parameter.
# Take into account both VLCException and MediacontrolException
# Take into account both VLCException and MediacontrolException:
c=getattr(ex, 'raised', getattr(ex, 'code', 0))
if c:
raise Exception(args[-1].message)
raise LibVLCException(args[-1].message)
return result
### End of ###
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