Commit 601289ef authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

packetizer: flac: clear some warnings

parent 6b386c16
......@@ -620,12 +620,14 @@ static block_t *Packetize(decoder_t *p_dec, block_t **pp_block)
if( p_sys->i_state != STATE_SYNC )
return NULL; /* Need more data */
/* fallthrough */
/* Sync state is unverified until we have read frame header and checked CRC
Once validated, we'll send data from NEXT_SYNC state where we'll
compute frame size */
p_sys->i_state = STATE_HEADER;
/* fallthrough */
/* Get FLAC frame header (MAX_FLAC_HEADER_SIZE bytes) */
......@@ -659,6 +661,8 @@ static block_t *Packetize(decoder_t *p_dec, block_t **pp_block)
* The confusing part below is that sync code needs to be verified in case
* it would appear in data, so we also need to check next frame header CRC
/* fallthrough */
if(block_FindStartcodeFromOffset(&p_sys->bytestream, &p_sys->i_offset,
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