Commit 5a578ef9 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Qt: try to fix linking with Qt 5.11

-ldwmapi needs to be after -lqwindows
parent ecbea352
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ QT_CONFIG += -release
# Fix .pc files to remove debug version (d)
cd $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig; for i in Qt5Core.pc Qt5Gui.pc Qt5Widgets.pc; do sed -i.orig -e 's/d\.a/.a/g' -e 's/d $$/ /' $$i; done
# Fix Qt5Gui.pc file to include qwindows (QWindowsIntegrationPlugin) and platform support libraries
cd $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig; sed -i.orig -e 's/ -lQt5Gui/ -lqwindows -lQt5ThemeSupport -lQt5FontDatabaseSupport -lQt5EventDispatcherSupport -lQt5WindowsUIAutomationSupport -lqtfreetype -lQt5Gui/g' Qt5Gui.pc
cd $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig; sed -i.orig -e 's/ -lQt5Gui/ -lqwindows -ldwmapi -lQt5ThemeSupport -lQt5FontDatabaseSupport -lQt5EventDispatcherSupport -lQt5WindowsUIAutomationSupport -lqtfreetype -lQt5Gui/g' Qt5Gui.pc
# Building Qt build tools for Xcompilation
cd $</include/QtCore; ln -sf $(QT_VERSION)/QtCore/private
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