Commit 563dc100 authored by ipkiss's avatar ipkiss
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* share/skins2/winamp2.xml: Added a few controls

parent b827c556
......@@ -60,6 +60,12 @@
<SubBitmap id="pl_switch_down" x="61" y="42" width="9" height="9" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_close_up" x="167" y="3" width="9" height="9" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_close_down" x="51" y="42" width="9" height="9" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_previous" x="132" y="95" width="8" height="8" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_play" x="141" y="95" width="8" height="8" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_pause" x="150" y="95" width="8" height="8" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_stop" x="159" y="95" width="8" height="8" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_forward" x="168" y="95" width="8" height="8" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_eject" x="177" y="95" width="8" height="8" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_small_left" x="72" y="42" width="25" height="14" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_small_middle" x="72" y="57" width="25" height="14" />
<SubBitmap id="pl_small_right_focus" x="99" y="42" width="50" height="14" />
......@@ -314,6 +320,15 @@
<Playlist id="playlist" x="10" y="20" width="240" height="58" lefttop="lefttop" rightbottom="rightbottom" font="playlist_font" fgcolor="#dfdfff" playcolor="#ffffff" bgcolor1="#000000" bgcolor2="#000000" selcolor="#202020" >
<Slider id="playlist_slider" x="264" y="28" lefttop="righttop" rightbottom="rightbottom" up="pl_slider_up" down="pl_slider_down" points="(0,40),(0,0)" />
<!-- Commented out for now, as the extra digit makes it dirty
<Text font="text_font" x="186" y="101" width="55" text="$T" lefttop="rightbottom" />
<Button x="131" y="101" up="pl_previous" down="pl_previous" over="pl_previous" action="playlist.previous()" lefttop="rightbottom" />
<Button x="140" y="101" up="pl_play" down="pl_play" over="pl_play" action="" lefttop="rightbottom" />
<Button x="149" y="101" up="pl_pause" down="pl_pause" over="pl_pause" action="vlc.pause()" lefttop="rightbottom" />
<Button x="158" y="101" up="pl_stop" down="pl_stop" over="pl_stop" action="vlc.stop()" lefttop="rightbottom" />
<Button x="167" y="101" up="pl_forward" down="pl_forward" over="pl_forward" action="" lefttop="rightbottom" />
<Button x="176" y="101" up="pl_eject" down="pl_eject" over="pl_eject" action="dialogs.fileSimple()" lefttop="rightbottom" />
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