Commit 55c9d6e9 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Attempt to remove all the non standard GNU/make stuff

parent 5a4f8260
...@@ -46,18 +46,11 @@ VlcClient: $(OBJECTS) ...@@ -46,18 +46,11 @@ VlcClient: $(OBJECTS)
VLCExample: $(OBJECTS) VLCExample: $(OBJECTS)
if HAVE_WIN32 .java.class:
$(JAVAC) $?
$(JCH) org.videolan.jvlc.$(*F) -o includes/$(*F).h
$(JAVAC) $? $(JAVAC) $?
$(JCH) org/videolan/jvlc/$(*F) -o includes/$(*F).h $(JCH) org/videolan/jvlc/$$(basename $*) -o includes/$$(basename $*).h
clean: clean-local:
rm -f *.class *~ org/videolan/jvlc/*.class org_videolan*.h *.so *.o *.dll rm -f *.class *~ org/videolan/jvlc/*.class org_videolan*.h *.so *.o *.dll
$(MAKE) -C src clean-local
endif endif
...@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ JAVACXXFLAGS = `top_builddir=../../.. ../../../vlc-config --cflags pic` -I../../ ...@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ JAVACXXFLAGS = `top_builddir=../../.. ../../../vlc-config --cflags pic` -I../../
all: $(COBJECTS) all: $(COBJECTS)
%.o: .cc.o:
.PHONY: clean-local .PHONY: clean-local
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