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List and explain available commands / requests

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This file describes commands available through the requests/ file:
Lines starting with < describe what the page sends back
Lines starting with > describe what you can send to the page
All parameters need to be URL encoded.
+ -> %2B
# -> %23
space -> +
< Get VLC status information, current item info and meta.
> add <mrl> to playlist and start playback:
> add <mrl> to playlist:
> play playlist item <id>:
> toggle pause. If current state was 'stop', play item <id>:
> stop playback:
> jump to next item:
> jump to previous item:
> delete item <id> from playlist:
> empty playlist:
> sort playlist node <id> using sort mode <val>:
> toggle random playback:
> toggle loop:
> toggle repeat:
> toggle enable service discovery module <val>:
> toggle fullscreen:
> set volume level to <val> (can be absolute integer, percent or +/- relative value):
> seek to <val>:
< get the full playlist tree
< ?dir=<dir>
> get <dir>'s filelist
< get the full list of VLM elements
< execute VLM command <cmd>
> get the error message from <cmd>
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