Commit 519f3e74 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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s/Disk/Disc for Digital Versatile Disc

parent 08973927
......@@ -310,7 +310,7 @@ static int Open( vlc_object_t *p_this )
msg_Err( p_demux, "cannot set title (can't decrypt DVD?)" );
intf_UserFatal( p_demux, false, _("Playback failure"),
_("VLC cannot set the DVD's title. It possibly "
"cannot decrypt the entire disk.") );
"cannot decrypt the entire disc.") );
dvdnav_close( p_sys->dvdnav );
free( p_sys );
......@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ static int Open( vlc_object_t *p_this )
msg_Err( p_demux, "DVDRead cannot open source: %s", psz_name );
intf_UserFatal( p_demux, false, _("Playback failure"),
_("DVDRead could not open the disk \"%s\"."), psz_name );
_("DVDRead could not open the disc \"%s\"."), psz_name );
free( psz_name );
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