Commit 48c51ebb authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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The not-so-dumb references checker

I saw you, evil preparser thread...
parent 070e3454
......@@ -1555,29 +1555,29 @@ void vlc_refcheck (vlc_object_t *obj)
/* A thread can use its own object without reference! */
/* A thread can use its own object without references! */
vlc_object_t *caller = vlc_threadobj ();
if (caller == obj)
#if 0
/* The calling thread is younger than the object.
* Access could be valid through cross-thread synchronization;
* we would need better accounting. */
if (caller && (caller->i_object_id > obj->i_object_id))
int refs;
vlc_spin_lock (&priv->ref_spin);
refs = priv->i_refcount;
vlc_spin_unlock (&priv->ref_spin);
/* Object has more than one reference.
* The current thread could be holding a valid reference. */
if (refs > 1)
for (held_list_t *hlcur = vlc_threadvar_get (&held_objects);
hlcur != NULL; hlcur = hlcur->next)
if (hlcur->obj == obj)
fprintf (stderr, "The %s %s thread object is accessing...\n"
"the %s %s object in a suspicous manner.\n",
"the %s %s object without references.\n",
caller && caller->psz_object_name
? caller->psz_object_name : "unnamed",
caller ? caller->psz_object_type : "main",
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