Commit 44cfc603 authored by Pierre d'Herbemont's avatar Pierre d'Herbemont
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misc/threads.c: Fix error description printing in vlc_pthread_fatal().

parent 2c083c9f
......@@ -95,17 +95,16 @@ static inline unsigned long vlc_threadid (void)
void vlc_pthread_fatal (const char *action, int error,
const char *file, unsigned line)
char buf[1000];
const char *msg;
fprintf (stderr, "LibVLC fatal error %s in thread %lu at %s:%u: %d\n",
action, vlc_threadid (), file, line, error);
fflush (stderr);
/* Sometimes strerror_r() crashes too, so make sure we print an error
/* Sometimes strerror() crashes too, so make sure we print an error
* message before we invoke it */
msg = strerror_r (error, buf, sizeof (buf));
fprintf (stderr, " %s\n", msg ? msg : "(null)");
msg = strerror (error);
fprintf (stderr, "Error description was: \"%s\"\n", msg ? msg : "(null)");
fflush (stderr);
abort ();
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