Commit 44c55303 authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Vout: Small rewording

parent ecd870f7
......@@ -512,11 +512,11 @@ static const char *const ppsz_pos_descriptions[] =
#define AUTOSCALE_TEXT N_("Video Auto Scaling")
"Forces video scaling to fit a given window.")
"Let the video scale to fit a given window or fullscreen.")
#define SCALEFACTOR_TEXT N_("Video scale factor")
#define SCALEFACTOR_TEXT N_("Video scaling factor")
"scale factor used if --no-auto-scale is selected." \
"Scaling factor used when Auto Scaling is disabled.\n" \
"Default value is 1.0 (original video size).")
#define CUSTOM_CROP_RATIOS_TEXT N_("Custom crop ratios list")
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