Commit 2d21a0a6 authored by Pierre Ynard's avatar Pierre Ynard

youtube.lua: update signature descrambling to new javascript code

A level of indirection is added now that descrambling rules are in a
separate helper. This is not necessarily worse.
parent b4aed403
......@@ -92,10 +92,13 @@ function js_descramble( sig, js_url )
descrambler = string.match( line, "%.signature=(.-)%(" )
-- Fetch the code of the descrambler function. Example:
-- function ij(a){a=a.split("");a=a.reverse();a=jj(a,12);a=jj(a,32);a=a.reverse();a=jj(a,34);a=a.slice(3);a=jj(a,35);a=jj(a,42);a=a.slice(2);return a.join("")}
-- Fetch the code of the descrambler function. The function is
-- conveniently preceded by the definition of a helper object
-- that it uses. Example:
-- var Fo={TR:function(a){a.reverse()},TU:function(a,b){var c=a[0];a[0]=a[b%a.length];a[b]=c},sH:function(a,b){a.splice(0,b)}};function Go(a){a=a.split("");Fo.sH(a,2);Fo.TU(a,28);Fo.TU(a,44);Fo.TU(a,26);Fo.TU(a,40);Fo.TU(a,64);Fo.TR(a,26);Fo.sH(a,1);return a.join("")};
local transformations = nil
local rules = nil
while not rules do
while not transformations and not rules do
local line
if #lines > 0 then
line = table.remove( lines )
......@@ -106,46 +109,53 @@ function js_descramble( sig, js_url )
return sig
rules = string.match( line, "function "..descrambler.."%([^)]*%){(.-)}" )
transformations, rules = string.match( line, "var ..={(.-)};function "..descrambler.."%([^)]*%){(.-)}" )
-- Parse descrambling rules one by one and apply them on the
-- signature as we go
for rule in string.gmatch( rules, "[^;]+" ) do
-- a=a.reverse();
if string.match( rule, "%.reverse%(" ) then
sig = string.reverse( sig )
-- Parse the helper object to map available transformations
local trans = {}
for meth,code in string.gmatch( transformations, "(..):function%([^)]*%){([^}]*)}" ) do
-- a=a.reverse()
if string.match( code, "%.reverse%(" ) then
trans[meth] = "reverse"
-- a=a.slice(3);
local len = string.match( rule, "%.slice%((%d+)%)" )
if len then
sig = string.sub( sig, len + 1 )
-- a.splice(0,b)
elseif string.match( code, "%.splice%(") then
trans[meth] = "slice"
-- a=jj(a,32);
-- This is known to be a function swapping the first and nth
-- characters:
-- function jj(a,b){var c=a[0];a[0]=a[b%a.length];a[b]=c;return a}
local idx = string.match( rule, "=..%([^,]+,(%d+)%)" )
-- This swapping function may also appear inlined:
-- var b=a[0];a[0]=a[59%a.length];a[59]=b;
-- In that case we only catch one of the three rules.
if not idx then
idx = string.match( rule, ".%[(%d+)%]=." )
-- var c=a[0];a[0]=a[b%a.length];a[b]=c
elseif string.match( code, "var c=" ) then
trans[meth] = "swap"
vlc.msg.warn("Couldn't parse unknown youtube video URL signature transformation")
if idx then
idx = tonumber( idx )
if not idx then idx = 0 end
-- Parse descrambling rules, map them to known transformations
-- and apply them on the signature
local missing = false
for meth,idx in string.gmatch( rules, "..%.(..)%([^,]+,(%d+)%)" ) do
idx = tonumber( idx )
if trans[meth] == "reverse" then
sig = string.reverse( sig )
elseif trans[meth] == "slice" then
sig = string.sub( sig, idx + 1 )
elseif trans[meth] == "swap" then
if idx > 1 then
sig = string.gsub( sig, "^(.)("..string.rep( ".", idx - 1 )..")(.)(.*)$", "%3%2%1%4" )
elseif idx == 1 then
sig = string.gsub( sig, "^(.)(.)", "%2%1" )
end end end
-- Simply ignore other statements, in particular initial split
-- and final join and return statements
vlc.msg.dbg("Couldn't apply unknown youtube video URL signature transformation")
missing = true
if missing then
vlc.msg.err( "Couldn't process youtube video URL, please check for updates to this script" )
return sig
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