Commit 2b9e90c5 authored by Sam Hocevar's avatar Sam Hocevar
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* Only look for kernel32.dll if the target is windows.

parent 0195728b
dnl Autoconf settings for vlc
dnl $Id:,v 1.85 2003/10/05 21:29:23 sam Exp $
dnl $Id:,v 1.86 2003/10/07 18:53:01 sam Exp $
......@@ -393,10 +393,12 @@ fi
# Win32 style
if test "${ac_cv_have_plugins}" = "no"; then
if test "${SYS}" = "mingw32" -o "${SYS}" = "cygwin"; then
AC_CHECK_LIB(kernel32, main,
AC_DEFINE(HAVE_DL_WINDOWS, 1, [Define if you have Windows' LoadLibrary])
# BeOS style
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