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Review of sout help strings

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......@@ -72,7 +72,9 @@ static void Close( vlc_object_t * );
#define GROUP_TEXT N_("Group packets")
#define GROUP_LONGTEXT N_("Packets can be sent one by one at the right time " \
"or by groups. This allows you to give the number " \
"of packets that will be sent at a time." )
"of packets that will be sent at a time. It " \
"helps reducing the scheduling load on " \
"heavily-loaded systems." )
#define LATE_TEXT N_("Late delay (ms)" )
#define LATE_LONGTEXT N_("Late packets are dropped. This allows you to give " \
"the time (in milliseconds) a packet is allowed to be" \
......@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ vlc_module_begin();
add_float( ENC_CFG_PREFIX "rc-buffer-aggressivity", 0.1, NULL,
add_float( ENC_CFG_PREFIX "i-quant-factor", 0, NULL,
add_integer( ENC_CFG_PREFIX "noise-reduction", 0, NULL,
add_bool( ENC_CFG_PREFIX "mpeg4-matrix", 0, NULL,
......@@ -166,8 +166,8 @@ void E_(ClosePostproc)( decoder_t *, void * );
"tolerance in kbit/s." )
#define ENC_INTERLACE_TEXT N_( "Enable interlaced encoding" )
#define ENC_INTERLACE_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to enable interlaced " \
"encoding." )
#define ENC_INTERLACE_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to enable dedicated " \
"algorithms for interlaced frames." )
#define ENC_PRE_ME_TEXT N_( "Enable pre motion estimation" )
#define ENC_PRE_ME_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to enable the pre motion " \
......@@ -183,28 +183,35 @@ void E_(ClosePostproc)( decoder_t *, void * );
#define ENC_RC_BUF_AGGR_TEXT N_( "Rate control buffer aggressivity" )
#define ENC_RC_BUF_AGGR_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to specify the rate control "\
"buffer agressivity." )
"buffer aggressivity." )
#define ENC_QUANT_FACTOR_TEXT N_( "Quantization factor" )
#define ENC_QUANT_FACTOR_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to specify the " \
"quantization factor." )
#define ENC_IQUANT_FACTOR_TEXT N_( "I quantization factor" )
#define ENC_IQUANT_FACTOR_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to specify the " \
"quantization factor of I frames, compared with P frames (for instance " \
"1.0 => same qscale for I and P frames)." )
#define ENC_NOISE_RED_TEXT N_( "Noise reduction" )
#define ENC_NOISE_RED_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to specify the noise " \
"reduction." )
#define ENC_NOISE_RED_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to enable a simple noise " \
"reduction algorithm to lower the encoding length and bitrate, at the " \
"expense of lower quality frames." )
#define ENC_MPEG4_MATRIX_TEXT N_( "Enable mpeg4 quantization matrix" )
#define ENC_MPEG4_MATRIX_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to use the mpeg4 " \
"quantization matrix for mpeg2 encoding." )
"quantization matrix for mpeg2 encoding. This generally yields a " \
"better looking picture, while still retaining the compatibility with " \
"standard MPEG-2 decoders.")
#define ENC_HQ_TEXT N_( "Quality level" )
#define ENC_HQ_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to specify the quality level " \
"for the encoding." )
"for the encoding of motions vectors (this can slow down the encoding " \
"very much)." )
#define ENC_HURRYUP_TEXT N_( "Hurry up" )
#define ENC_HURRYUP_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to specify if the encoder " \
"should make on-the-fly quality tradeoffs if your CPU can't keep up with " \
"the encoding rate." )
"the encoding rate. It will disable trellis quantization, then the rate " \
"distorsion of motion vectors (hq), and raise the noise reduction " \
"threshold to ease the encoder's task." )
#define ENC_QMIN_TEXT N_( "Minimum video quantizer scale" )
#define ENC_QMIN_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to specify the minimum video " \
......@@ -216,4 +223,4 @@ void E_(ClosePostproc)( decoder_t *, void * );
#define ENC_TRELLIS_TEXT N_( "Enable trellis quantization" )
#define ENC_TRELLIS_LONGTEXT N_( "Allows you to enable trellis " \
"quantization." )
"quantization (rate distorsion for block coefficients)." )
......@@ -77,16 +77,23 @@ static int Open ( vlc_object_t * );
static void Close ( vlc_object_t * );
#define VPID_TEXT N_("Video PID")
#define VPID_LONGTEXT N_("Assign a fixed PID to the video stream")
#define VPID_LONGTEXT N_("Assigns a fixed PID to the video stream. The PCR " \
"PID will automatically be the video.")
#define APID_TEXT N_("Audio PID")
#define APID_LONGTEXT N_("Assign a fixed PID to the audio stream")
#define APID_LONGTEXT N_("Assigns a fixed PID to the audio stream.")
#define SHAPING_TEXT N_("Shaping delay (ms)")
#define SHAPING_LONGTEXT N_("This allows you to change the caching done " \
"inside the muxer itself.")
#define SHAPING_LONGTEXT N_("If enabled, the TS muxer will cut the " \
"stream in slices of the given duration, and ensure a constant bitrate " \
"between the two boundaries. This avoids having huge bitrate peaks for " \
"reference frames, in particular.")
#define KEYF_TEXT N_("Use keyframes")
#define KEYF_LONGTEXT N_("If enabled, the shaping delay will be " \
"automatically optimized for the GOP size used in the video stream.")
#define KEYF_LONGTEXT N_("If enabled, and shaping is specified, " \
"the TS muxer will place the boundaries at the end of I pictures. In " \
"that case, the shaping duration given by the user is a worse case " \
"used when no reference frame is available. This enhances the efficiency " \
"of the shaping algorithm, since I frames are usually the biggest " \
"frames in the stream.")
#define PCR_TEXT N_("PCR delay (ms)")
#define PCR_LONGTEXT N_("This option allows you to set at which interval " \
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