Commit 295594f6 authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré
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vlc-thumb: works also with gnome 3

parent 92691c21
......@@ -5,7 +5,10 @@
/* Works with : libvlc 1.2.0
gcc -pedantic -Wall -Werror -Wextra `pkg-config --cflags --libs libvlc` -lpthread
# to register the thumbnailer:
# to register the thumbnailer on gnome 3.x:
cp vlc-thumb.thumbnailer /usr/share/thumbnailers
# to register the thumbnailer on gnome 2.x:
list=`grep ^Mime vlc.desktop|cut -d= -f2-|sed -e s/";"/\\\n/g -e s,/,@,g`
vid=`echo $mimes|grep ^vid`
for i in $vid
[Thumbnailer Entry]
Exec=vlc-thumb -s %s %u %o
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