Commit 2175a7d7 authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme Committed by Rémi Denis-Courmont

vout_wrapper: turn the hardcoded double click timeout into a CLOCK_FREQ based value

Signed-off-by: Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatarRémi Denis-Courmont <>
parent 89034548
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ int vout_OpenWrapper(vout_thread_t *vout,
sys->display.title = var_InheritString(vout, "video-title");
/* */
const mtime_t double_click_timeout = 300000;
const mtime_t double_click_timeout = 3*CLOCK_FREQ/10;
const mtime_t hide_timeout = var_CreateGetInteger(vout, "mouse-hide-timeout") * 1000;
char *modlist = var_InheritString(vout, "vout");
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