Commit 1cf152ef authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem
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mediacodec: remove useless check

This check is done from StartMediaCodec and is ignored if the device can do
parent 599af8e2
......@@ -533,19 +533,6 @@ static int OpenDecoder(vlc_object_t *p_this, pf_MediaCodecApi_init pf_init)
if (p_dec->fmt_in.i_cat == VIDEO_ES)
if (!p_dec-> || !p_dec->
/* We can handle h264 without a valid video size
* TODO handle VC1 with no size */
if (p_dec->fmt_in.i_codec != VLC_CODEC_H264)
msg_Dbg(p_dec, "resolution (%dx%d) not supported",
switch (p_dec->fmt_in.i_codec) {
case VLC_CODEC_HEVC: mime = "video/hevc"; break;
case VLC_CODEC_H264: mime = "video/avc"; break;
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